Miles Neuvirth is a screen actor, podcaster, writer, and a founding member of WayWord Wordsmiths production company. Miles is located in New York currently and has been acting in and producing films for the last six years.

Miles grew up in southeastern Minnesota. As a child he began performing in choirs and musicals at a young age, while his love for performing grew so did his passion and ability as a story teller. Soon this passion leaked into every aspect of his life from using school projects as excuses to make short films, to writing his own songs focusing on people and their stories.

WayWord  Wordsmiths is a production company focusing on inclusive comedy, with a specific emphasis on teaching about mental health. The company currently produces three podcasts, one of which Miles is a co-host on, They are also in production of a sketch comedy webseries, and are in post-production for a short film talking about social anxiety, which Miles wrote and is starring in.

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